Planter Benefits

When we say that we want to remove all barriers in order for you to run with your vision to plant a church, we mean it. You focus on preparing for launch day and beyond, we’ll take care of everything else because in two years, we want you to be:


When hearing how things are handled at your church, do you find yourself thinking, “That’s not how I’d do it.” That’s a sign you’re hardwired with a vision. But what if you had space to process your thoughts? We provide you access to multiple churches, like Christ Community Chapel, and to their leaders to equip you with the practical skills needed to start a church. You have the vision so let’s get you ready to make it happen.


Because we’ve been in your shoes, we know that starting a church is stressful. So why not start the process by first decluttering your life and refreshing you, the church planter? We have found four main areas that need to be strengthened so that when you feel the pressures of planting, you and the support team around you can stay focused on the mission at hand.


You’ll be ready and resourced to plant a church. Imagine not only having a contact list full of people that you can call when you need help, but also the resources and leadership team that you need to effectively plant a church.


We don’t believe that a successful church plant means you have opened your doors to the public. That is just another chapter in our process of starting a neighborhood-rooted, gospel-centered community. Our commitment to you and your church continues after the vision of your church comes to life.


We don’t just envision planting a lot of inward-focused churches. We are building a spirit of collaboration among churches in Northeast Ohio, like CCC and City Church Cleveland, and we’re inviting you to be a part.


Imagine a church plant that plants churches. Orchard works with you to make your church planting strategy one that builds up and sends out new leaders. This vision is woven into the DNA of your church plant because our goal is gospel advancement throughout a region, not just another church.