Planter Benefits

When we say that we want to remove all barriers holding back your vision to plant a church, we mean it. We want to help you focus on preparing for launch day and beyond. By the end of your two years with us, you will be:


If you ever look at the culture of your church and find yourself thinking “that’s not how I’d do it,” that’s a sign you’re hardwired with a vision. When properly nurtured and challenged, this vision can be a very powerful thing. Through the experience of the Orchard team, you will be ready with all the practical skills necessary to transform your vision into an effective church.


We built a program for church planters, by church planters. Because we have gone through the joys and trials of church planting ourselves, we understand what stresses come with it. We respond to this reality through prioritizing your spiritual, emotional, and financial health throughout the program. We take away all the “bad stress” of church planting to let you focus on the mission at hand.


We value our church planters. We will have your back with any resource you need to shepherd an effective church when your residency with us is concluded. From church leadership connections, to legal and logistical oversight, we will work alongside you with the biggest dreams you can come up with.


Leading a successful church plant goes much further than simply opening your doors to the public. The opening of your church marks a new chapter in our process of starting a neighborhood-rooted, Gospel-centered community. Our commitment to you and your church continues after the vision of your church comes to life.


We are not interested in planting inwardly focused churches. Church planting is woven into the fabric of every church we help launch, leading to an exponential movement in the region. We are creating a network of Gospel-preaching churches all throughout Northeast Ohio, and we want you to be part of that story.


Imagine a church plant that plants churches. We will work with you to create a strategy for your church that raises up and sends out future church leaders. This vision will be woven into the DNA of your church plant as our goal is gospel advancement throughout an entire region.