You are a vital part of our mission.

Orchard NEO, the church-planting ministry of Christ Community Chapel, has a mission to plant 60 independent, gospel-preaching churches by the year 2050. It’s an ambitious goal, and we can’t get there without your help! 

Church planting is challenging and takes a lot of resources. Your giving will go toward the startup costs of our new church plants. Thank you for helping us make a difference by bringing the gospel to communities and neighborhoods in Northeast Ohio.

If you have any questions, we would love to chat. Send us an email at [email protected].

Worship service at Garden City Church in Highland Square
When can I give to a church plant?

There are multiple phases that a church plant must complete before they are ready to begin accepting donations. Giving to an individual plant is typically available one month before their official launch date.

At that time, plants may begin accepting cash, checks, and online donations once giving is activated through their website.

If you want to support church planting before an individual plant’s giving is activated, please consider donating to Orchard NEO or Christ Community Chapel’s General Fund.

When I give to Orchard NEO, where does my money go?

All of the costs associated with the two-year planting program for each church plant are fully funded by the operating budget of Christ Community Chapel. Orchard NEO is the church planting ministry of CCC.

Christ Community Chapel’s operating budget is funded by General Fund donations.
Donations designated for Orchard NEO are used to supplement the General Fund dollars used for the church planting budget portion of CCC’s overall operating budget.

The investment in a church plant is significant. The cost over two years can be over $250,000. Our goal is to launch 60 churches over 30 years.

When I give to a church plant, were does my money go?

All of the expenses for a church plant are covered by Christ Community Chapel’s operating budget during the two-year program.

This allows all giving to a specific plant to be reserved to fund their operations when they go independent.

When you give directly to a plant, the donation is not immediately available to them. It helps fund a bank account to allow the church plant to be financially healthy when they become independent from Christ Community Chapel.

Can I give to Orchard NEO and designate which church plant it is for?

We appreciate your desire to support a new church planter. There are several phases each new plant must complete before they can begin accepting donations.

Donations to church plants are not accepted until the church is nearing its launch date and opens its giving fund online.

Whether you are excited about a certain church planter or church planting in general, your donations to Christ Community Chapel’s General Fund or the Orchard NEO fund will significantly help us reach our goal of planting 60 churches in 30 years.

How do I become a Financial Founder for a church plant?

If you are interested in providing the majority of a new planter’s budget, please contact Steve Hyatt at [email protected] to learn more about this opportunity.