You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What’s the interview and application process like?

To help us find the right person and avoid a church plant eventually failing from the inside out, we have an elaborate application and interview process. To our team, understanding your church planting vision is just as important to us as your daily walk with Christ as well as ensuring your marriage and personal finances are on the right track.

Do I have to move to Ohio?

We have our hearts set on Northeast Ohio, and our hope is that for our candidates to also. While you own the vision for your church, we have worked hard to provide you a place to grow, cast, and apply your vision here in Northeast Ohio.

Do I pick where my church will be planted?

To an extent, you do! Because we’re focusing on Northeast Ohio, your new home will be somewhere within that radius. That said, we aren’t spinning in circles and selecting points on a map to focus on. After assessing demographics as well as how communities have heard and received the gospel, we’ve intentionally selected specific neighborhoods for you to choose from when planting a church.

Do I have to be a Cleveland Browns fan?

That’s a tough question. The short answer is yes! But we’re realistic about the fact that we live in a fallen world and not everybody can be perfect. So, if you happen to have a different favorite sports team, we’re going to let it slide.

Do I have a say in what my church will look like?

You have all the say! Seriously, our focus is to come alongside of you to remove barriers and make your church planting vision a reality. Depending on where you plant and the team that plants with you, you may find that your church looks much different than that of other churches.

Does my church need to be a particular denomination?

We’re open to planters who desire to plant a church with denominational or network ties. Ultimately, we’re committed to sending out churches that match the DNA of our non-denominational partner, Christ Community Chapel. Visit Christ Community Chapel to learn more.

What kind of training will I receive?

Beyond the program requirements, we don’t expect you to start the program having all of your ducks in a row. Before the launch day of your church plant, we’ll discuss everything from finances to team management, and everything in between.