Our Process

Our church planting residents will walk through four distinct phases as they prepare to launch a new church. Our team is there every step of the way to support our planters through these phases.
West Side Market in Cleveland, OH
Phase 1


We work with our planters to identify a local community where they can share the gospel in meaningful, specific ways.

Phase 2


During phase two, the planters will work to understand their target community. They do this by making observations with openness and acceptance.

Worship service at Garden City Church in Highland Square
Worship service at Garden City Church in Highland Square
Phase 3

Church Planter

Based on their observations, the planters will craft their church vision to address the specific needs of their community. They will begin to disciple local people and construct the ministries of their church leading up to launch.

Phase 4


Post-launch, our Orchard NEO team will continue to walk alongside the church plant as it begins its transition to independence. The pastors will raise up elders and establish the rhythms of everyday pastoring, discipleship, and weekly worship so their church can impact their community in the name of Jesus.

Zach Weihrauch teaching church planting residents