Our Process

We do not believe there is one single way to plant an effective church. God has gifted you with a particular vision for a particular people. Our task is two-fold: First, remove any barrier that would keep you from making your church planting vision a reality. Second, equip you to make it happen.
We use three unique phases to accomplish the mission of realizing your vision, each aiming at helping you create the most effective church possible.
Zach Weihrauch teaching church planting residents
Phase 1

Grow Your Vision

You have an itch to plant a church, so dream with us for a moment. Imagine having a completely blank canvas and six months to grow your vision into a tangible plan to plant a healthy, active local church. Phase 1 consists of theological, ecclesiological, and missiological training from the our team’s expertise, equipping you to hone your vision.

Phase 2

Adapt Your Vision

If Phase 1 is the orienting and honing of your vision, Phase 2 is building the foundation of what will eventually become your church. Throughout this phase of the program, you will be working alongside our team to sort out all the logistical details of your future church—from finding a building to writing your constitution, we have your back. The vision you formed in Phase 1 will be put into action through recruiting members and plugging into the community you choose to plant in.

West Side Market in Cleveland, OH
Worship service at Garden City Church in Highland Square
Phase 3

Plant Your Church

You have grown your vision and adapted it to your context. Now it is time to put it into action. In Phase 3, you will fully transition from theory to practice becoming an established ambassador for Christ in the neighborhood you are most passionate about. Our team will walk alongside you through your first year as needed, but you and your vision will have complete autonomy over what your church will look like.