Orchard NEO is committed to identifying men who believe that the local church is God’s plan for reaching Northeast Ohio and doing everything in our power to help them realize God’s vision for their role in this work. To that end, we commit to identifying, supporting, and deploying church planters in Northeast Ohio.

Our Team

Zach Weihrauch

Executive Director
Native to Indiana with nearly a decade in Northeast Ohio, Zach’s help in planting City Church solidified his heart for introducing Christ to the people in and around Cleveland. Zach received his MDiv from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Paul Turner

Assistant Director
Born and raised in The Land, Paul likens his firsthand joys and trials of planting churches to the history of his beloved Cleveland sports teams. He desires for the gospel to be readily heard by more people among Northeast Ohio, a place he proudly calls home.


Drew Gasser

Operations Director
A Northeast Ohio native, Drew’s appreciation for the area manifests in his desire to bring the Gospel to all who inhabit it. He lives out his passion for church planting through a heart oriented towards administration and logistics.


Our Heritage

Why Northeast Ohio?

A great work for the kingdom has already begun in Northeast Ohio, but there is still much work to be done. Orchard NEO will be the continuation of missional work that has been going on for decades. The city of Cleveland has a population of nearly 400,000 people, and with your help, the efforts of Orchard NEO will extend into the suburbs to reach both urban and rural communities. As Cleveland and her surrounding neighborhoods continue to grow and prosper, we have the vision to see the gospel take root in the families that call Northeast Ohio their home.

Not only is there much work yet to be done here, but Northeast Ohio was specifically chosen because of the relationships and resources that we already have established here. We are able to partner with other ministries, like City Church Cleveland and Christ Community Chapel, to support and equip you to make your church planting vision a reality.