Our Process

We don’t believe there is one single textbook with a proven method for planting a successful church. And why not? Because God has gifted you with a particular vision, for a particular people. Our task at Orchard NEO is two-fold: First, remove any barrier that’d keep you from making your vision a reality. Second, equip you to make it happen.

The simplest way that we can accomplish our mission is with the following three phases.

Phase 1

Grow Your Vision

You have a pulse for church planting, so dream with us for a moment. Imagine having a completely blank canvas and six months to grow your vision into a plan to plant a living, active local church. Phase 1 consists of spending time with people throughout Northeast Ohio as you prayerfully consider where to take root. We intentionally remove barriers for you as we provide you with a salary, housing, and an expert team to guide you in outlining every detail of planting your church. Christ Community Chapel has agreed to support your plant not just with resources, but also with people for your new congregation. In Phase 1, you are growing your vision and creating a plan to bring to life a new church.

Phase 2

Adapt Your Vision

If Phase 1 is roughing off the edges and building a foundation to your vision, Phase 2 is building the walls and roof for what will become your church plant. At this point in the process, you’re literally moving into the neighborhood that God has for you – something that usually only happens after a church is planted. It’s now about your people, in your new city. Since you’re busy discipling your leaders and meeting your new neighbors, the Orchard NEO staff actually comes to you for training. In Phase 2, you’re taking the previous six months of work on your vision and adapting it to your new neighborhood.

Phase 3

Plant Your Church

You’ve prepped and planned, and now it’s time to work the plan. In Phase 3, we fully transition from theory to praxis and you’re doing the full-time work of a local missionary. While the Orchard NEO staff will be available for coaching, you’re the point person. In Phase 3, you’re taking the growth and adaption of your vision over our last 12 months and putting it all together to plant your church.